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Dr. Christian Robin

63rd Annual Meeting
Geneva – CH
21st June – 24th June 2018


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First announcement


Dear Fellows, dear guests and dear friends,
It is a great honour and responsibility for me to have received the mission to organise the 63rd meeting of the European section of the International college of Dentists, which will take place in Geneva, Switzerland from the 21st till 24th of June 2018.
I am delighted to welcome you to my home city. When Switzerland comes to mind, you think chocolate, banks, watches, mountains and Roger Federer.
In Geneva, we do not have Roger Federer but we did have the America’s Cup for 5 years! We do not have the mountains but we have delicious chocolate, banks, watches and the world famous “Jet d’eau”.
It is a city which is at the same time provincial and international, historically independent with a very cosmopolitan population; It is said that only in New York there are more nationalities in a given city. We speak French, but also a multitude of languages. This great diversity is due, among other things, to the presence of the United Nations headquarters and a large number of international institutions and non-governmental organisations.
You certainly know of the three renowned citizens of Geneva: Jean Calvin, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Henri Dunant, whose legacy helped make Geneva a symbol of dialogue, peace and democracy. The City of Calvin already welcomed the oppressed Europeans driven out by the Reformation, making openness to the world its banner.
Talleyrand said there were 5 continents and Geneva. This joke expresses the singular fate of the city, perhaps the most original of the European metropolises. “The city-state, with its small physical dimensions, devoid of the territorial extent, the demographic strength and the material force that make the great nations, Geneva is, in its international influence, the product of history, far more than of geography”.
Commercial center with its fairs in the Middle Ages, place of Reformation in the Renaissance that made it nickname Protestant Rome, it is also a key financial place, capital of watchmaking and an exceptional meeting place. Without forgetting CERN (European Center for Nuclear Research), the International Red Cross, its recognised boarding schools and the watchmaking industry which have made the city famous and which we will try to introduce you to during your visit in June 2018, this of course in addition to an exciting and attractive scientific programme.
In advance, I wish you a warm and cordial welcome in Geneva.
Christian Robin, President ICD European section