District 1 Austria: 

Werner Lill

District 2 Benelux: Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg:

Mies J. Buisman

District 3, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden:

Anders Skoglund

District 4 England, Scotland, Wales:                 

Mark Wright

District 5 France:                                             

Gilles Demolon

District 6 Germany:

Wolfgang Bockelbrink

District 7 Greece and Cyprus:

Aris Petros Tripodakis

District 8 Ireland:                                             

Heavey Garry

District 9 Israel and Malta: 

Efraim Winocur

District 10 Italy:                                                 

Mauro Labanca

District 11 Portugal:        

Joao Maria Rodrigues

District 12 Spain:                                             

Santiago Jané

District 13 Switzerland:                                      

Christian Robin

District 14 Central & Southern Europe:                  

Andreea Nasser

District 15 Central & Northern Europe:

Serhiy Radlinsky